Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences

Aircraft icing is a complex phenomenon and has critical effects on flight characteristics and performance. It can occur in different altitudes and temperatures in form of clear ice, rime ice and mixed ice. Therefore, reliable and effective ice protection systems are a requirement for safe operation in icing conditions. System design, testing and certification is a necessity for the safety and success of future aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

AIIS offers an innovative service enabling an improved and more efficient system development process. The institute utilizes modern 3D tools for the documentation, evaluation, simulation and validation of research and system tests in defined icing conditions.

The R&D portfolio of AIIS can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of ice protection systems to the authority. In addition, individual test runs made during different design phases and icing test campaigns can be compared with each other. This advantage applies also to modifications made in the development phase and later during service-life, as changes in ice accretion can be measured and made visible.



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