Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences

Aircraft icing is a very complex process and has negative effects on the flight characteristics and performance. Hence, aircraft, helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles must have onboard de-icing systems to be able to operate under weather conditions, in which in-flight icing can occur.

These systems undergo a series of numerical simulations, icing and dry wind tunnel tests, and flight tests to demonstrate the capability of safe operation under icing conditions in compliance with certification and regulation rules.


The Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences has developed a new and innovative method to perform, evaluate and validate the required system tests by utilizing state of the art 3D-scanning and 3D-printing technologies. The method offers detailed insights into ice accretion and ice structures, provides accurate results and reduces costs significantly.


Together with its partners, AIIS provides customized solutions and performs

  • research and deveopment,
  • individual test campaigns, and
  • assistance in certification processes.


Eurocopter EC 135 in RTA Icing Wind Tunnel


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