About AIIS

The Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences was founded as research association in the year 2016 in Köflach, Austria. The institute has specialized in the field of aircraft icing with the goal to increase efficiency and safety in aviation. Aircraft icing is a complex phenomenon and has critical effects on flight characteristics and performance. Reliable and effective ice protection systems are a must-have for safe operation in icing conditions. System design, testing and certification is crucial for safety and success of future aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.


AIIS has developed a unique and innovative method for documentation, evaluation, simulation and validation of icing tests. This contributes to a better understanding of the complex physical processes which occur during icing conditions and enables an improved and more efficient system development process for industry partners. The institute is participating in national and international research projects and is working together with authorities, a wide range of companies in the aviation industry and other research institutions.



Core Values and Believes

AIIS values honesty, diversity of thought and background with respect for all people.

AIIS takes pride in exceeding customer expectations by providing high quality services and conducting research in the field of icing sciences.

AIIS believes in a proper balance between career, education, community involvement, and personal life as key to achieve success.

AIIS promotes a clean, safe and rewarding work environment that offers opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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