About AIIS

Unlock the secrets of Icing and embark on a journey of aviation excellence with the Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences. Founded in 2016 in Köflach, Austria, our research association is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of aircraft icing. Our mission is clear - advance the state-of-the art in aircraft icing and thereby contribute to safer, more efficient and climate neutral aviation.


Aircraft icing is a multifaceted phenomenon, exerting critical effects on flight characteristics and performance. To ensure safe operation in icing conditions, reliable and effective ice protection systems are an absolute necessity. At AIIS, we specialize in the field of aircraft icing, focusing on research and development, system design, testing, as well as certification. Our expertise plays a pivotal role in shaping the safety and success of future aircraft, helicopters, and UAVs. This deep understanding of the complex physical processes during icing enables us to drive more efficient system development for our valued industry partners. Through our active participation in national and international research projects, we collaborate with authorities, a wide range of aviation companies, and esteemed research institutions.



Core Values and Believes

Integrity: AIIS prioritizes honesty and transparency in all aspects of its operations. We foster an environment where open and respectful communication thrives, embracing diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Excellence: AIIS is dedicated to surpassing customer expectations by consistently delivering high-quality services and conducting cutting-edge research in the field of icing sciences. We strive for excellence in all our endeavors.

Work-Life Balance: AIIS recognizes the importance of achieving success not only in careers but also in personal growth, education, and community involvement. We believe in fostering a proper balance between these aspects, enabling individuals to thrive and contribute meaningfully.

Empowerment: AIIS is committed to providing a clean, safe, and rewarding work environment that empowers its employees. We offer ample opportunities for personal and professional growth, nurturing their potential and supporting their aspirations.

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship: AIIS is dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship in all aspects of its operations. We are committed to minimizing our ecological footprint, reducing waste, and conserving resources. Through responsible practices and continuous improvement, we strive to contribute positively to the well-being of the planet and future generations.

By embracing these values, AIIS cultivates an inclusive and dynamic culture, driving innovation, and enabling the achievement of collective and individual success.