About AIIS


The Austrian Institute for Icing Sciences was founded in the year 2016 with the aim to assist during the certification process of aircraft for icing conditions.


Highly accurate state of the art 3D-scanning and 3D-printing technologies are utilized for research activities in the field of icing sciences, with a special focus on inflight-icing phenomena and their effects on aircraft, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles. This enables the accurate and efficient documentation of complex ice structures on different objects, like wings, fuselages or engine inlets, generated in icing wind tunnels.


AIIS evaluates and post-processes the 3D ice shape data and manufactures artificial ice shape replications for aerodynamic investigations. We extract more out of your icing tests!


Meeting with Customers in AIIS Office

Since its foundation, AIIS as research association has proven itself as competent and experienced partner within this industry sector and is working closely with companies and icing wind tunnel facilities.

"Working in the field of icing sciences is exciting and challenging because it requires deep understanding of the complex physical phenomena."


Reinhard Puffing, Founder of AIIS

"The use of 3D technologies enables new opportunities for research and development activites. In the near future, they will replace legacy systems and be seen as the new standard."

Manuel Gerstenbrand, Co-Founder of AIIS